After a rather extended period of 'Not caring less!', I have decided to finish off the fourth CD - 'Oldies'.

I gave up recording not long after the 'Lonely Hearts' CD. I just wasn't interested anymore.

Up until that point I had recorded about 60% of 'Oldies' and just let it sit.

The technology at that time was:

Time has moved, and plenty.

I decided that I should move with the times and invest in a virtual studio. To that affect, I bought a copy of Sonar 7 and immediately, all the hardware issues evaporated. It's a lot easier these days.

The technology now is:

The only common piece of equipment is the Audio Technica microphone.

I find the weakest link now is ME! I need to practice a little, perhaps a lot!

Even so the results are quite amazing. No longer am I limited by the number of tracks, I can go as far as the computer will support. Cut and paste anything. It's a different world.

I may yet finish 'Oldies' now.