Yarram Show 2009

A return performance to the Yarram Show. The lineup was much the same as last year. We started at 10:00 and played through to 3:00.

We were all concerned that rain would put an end to the live music. While it threatened all we received was about thirty minutes of a very light shower.

This year the guest act was an Elvis impersonator. I wasn't too sure what to expect. I had spotted the SUV pull up in front of the stage and a a younger and older person embark. The younger person ended up in a pink suit, perfect for a Rock N'Roll function. He turned out to have a rather passive role as the DJ playing MP3 files from a laptop. The older of the two changed into a white jump suit, with matching cape and rhinestones everywhere. Yes he did sound like Elvis every now and then, but he somehow didn't engage the audience. He just walked six steps to the right and then six steps to the left. I don't know, as I remember Elvis he had black hair and a lot of it. This guy had sandy coloured hair and had lost a bit of it. Even when he put on the sunglasses it still wasn't the image I was expecting.

We pulled in a few people from the patrons who sat on the slightly damp haybails and sang along with us.

Good effort from the club.