The return of the prodigal slide

Heyfield Show postscript

In preparation for the Harrietville Festival, I became aware about a week before the festival that I couldn't find the little plastic box that held my slide equipment: GS slide, two finger picks and a Flux capo. All essential stuff.

Where could it be?

As I cleaned the house I in turn checked the studio, bedroom, lounge room, kitchen, guitar cases, equipment cases, bags as well as inspecting inaccessible places like the back of the lounge, in draws, under the bed, cupboards etc, with no success. Same with the car and garage.

I was able to tack together a plan B for Harrietville, just a Stevens steel and finger picks, no capo, to get me through. The last thing I remember about the items was that I had commented that the picks were slipping off my fingers. Where had I said that?

I had given up and had thought that one day I would move something and there it would be, but that wouldn't help me in the short term.
I ordered another GS Steel from Elderly Instruments but held off purchasing a capo in the vain hope the box would turn up.

Last night was the fortnightly Country Club night. As I walk in the tradesman's entrance I spot Bob Cooper waving something at me. I could scarcely believe it, but there, in his hands, was the missing box with everything intact. "Where did you get that?" I spluttered. Bob told me that someone at the Heyfield Show had found it and posted it to the Club.

Another little miracle!

Happy man!