New P.A. Speakers

I finally bit the bullet and bought a new pair of P.A. speakers.

The pair I had I bought from the last band I was with and that was in the 1980's. I had become rather disppointed in the sound I was getting from them for some time now and had reached the point where I had to do something to improve the quality of the sound.
The sound had become confused. What do I mean by that? Well, the bass was still fine, but there was something drastically wrong with the mid to high versus the bass balance. It was actually more complicated than that as there were severe resonances across the range making guitar and music sound completely out of balance, although not distorted.

I had some time off work so I went for a ride to Cranbourne Music and checked out speakers. I wanted something with fifteen inch bass drivers. They had a special on a set of JBL JRX115's , so I bought a pair and a set of stands.
I couldn't take them home as I was riding my motorcycle. I had to take the car down the next day and pick them up.

I tried them out next Country Club night and I was very pleased at the quality of the sound.

Thank goodness the quality of the sound is back!