Australia Day - 2010

The Country Club won the gig to do musical entertainment at the Australia Day celebrations at Port Albert.

The line up was:

  Bob Cooper,
  Francie Waite,
  Ron Munn,
  ? from ?, and last but not least,

An Army tent was set up on the fore shore which was where we set up.

The weather was good and dry, considering the forecast was for rising wind and showers. Well, they got the wind right, we had to weigh down the music and microphone stands to keep them from blowing over.

As usual there was a BBQ to raise funds, I made use of that a couple of times. For some reason the hamburger meat was about half the size of the bread. Must be the drought.

We played from 11:00 to 4:15, taking twenty minute shifts each and having a good time.

I brought my P.A. along and set it up in parallel to Bob's. We had a good, dispersed sound.
The 'Strat' sounds wonderful through it, just like it should.