Morning Melodies

My first gig at a 'Morning Melodies' happened today, at the Traralgon R.S.L.

Things were going well and as I loaded up the gear, I surveyed what I might have missed: Nothing.

Drove to Traralgon and set up and then realised that I'd left my backing music at home! Oh No! What to do?
I could have driven home and fetched the device that I needed, but no, there wasn't enough time. The only thing to do was to just play with what I had: A voice and a guitar. I was a little apprehensive as I knew there would be no instrumentals or lead breaks, I just simply had to keep the rhythm. Simple eh?

I split the session into half: Old Time and Rock'N'Roll.

The two hours went by rather quickly and everyone seemed to enjoy my efforts. I had people tapping away with their feet or hands, clapping, swaying to the rhythm, and, thanks to Dawn and Francie, even a few dancers. If the knew the songs, and they did, they sang along.

I seemed to have hit the mark.