The Badgers
Part 2

Played my second gig with 'The Badgers' at the Morwell Club.

As usual the place was packed for the raffles and thinned considerably after they were drawn. However, more people arrived later and we had the dance floor full of dancers.

A lot less stress this time as I knew nearly all of the key keyboard patterns. Alan the drummer had provided me with three CD's of their material to study. That all went rather well until the second rehearsal when I discovered that the arrangements were slightly different. Greg informed me that live arrangements are somewhat fluid and one needs to follow whoever is leading the song carefully as arrangements do change from night to night.

A lot more relaxed and was able to enjoy the experience more.

The biggest surprise for me was how many songs I am using the keyboard instead of the guitar, probably 80% or more keyboard. My fingers are getting better and playing the right keys and that has become easier too.

On some of the songs I played bottleneck/slide guitar as it just seemed more appropriate, like on 'Let's Dance', 'Honkey Tonk Women', etc. Let's face it, not much keyboard on those songs.

Tonight I auditioned a Marshall BB2 distortion peddle as I really dislike, with a passion, the distorted sounds provided on the ME-10. Sure the ME-10 has something like forty settings, but they are pretty well all useless due to all the high frequency distortion, sounds terrible.
The BB2 faired well and I'll be buying it this coming Monday. Good to have a sound you like.

My next gig is some months away, so by then I'll most likely be a bit rusty. I'll keep practicing at home.

P.S. I looked up what a juvenile badger is called. Answer: A Cub!