Need for Feed - Pakenham

Performed at the annual 'Need for Feed' event at Pakenham, our second attendance.

Originally it was to Bob Cooper and me, same as last year, but Bob couldn't make it, so it Francie Waite helped out.

It was a short set for such a long trip: An hour for both of us. We split it into two half hours: Francie starting off with me helping on bass and me performing the last half hour solo.

Owen was on the desk with his helpers doing a great job as usual, although it required a song for Owen to get our balance right. The previous band was a six piece and finding just two people seemed a little too hard at first.

The M.C. introduced each band and made a point of telling patrons how many years they have attended the event. We were juniors.

The style of music is also quite varied. The band before us were a full on band with a country singer (Straw hat, T-Shirt and jeans), but the rest of the band I suspect were Metallica fans, my what a wall of sound. We were just vocals, guitar and some bass. The band after us was a four peice band and just so laid back. The singer was from New York and played bottleneck resophonic, the contrast was amazing between acts. All great value for the patrons.