Melbourne Dobro Club

Some months ago, Peter Fidler put up a note on Facebook advertising the creation of the Melbourne Dobro Club. How exciting! To have a reasonably local forum for Dobro players would be fantastic. Up until now the only way to get a 'fix' of Dobro was to travel to a Bluegrass Festival and pester whoever shows up. Festivals of course only happen once a year, so to have a club holding monthly events just seemed too good to be true.

The inaugural event was held at the Clifton Hill Hotel on the 24th August. We were supposed to be in the Emerald Room, but a bunch of Irish players beat us to it. We set up in one of the other rooms and over an hour or so after the start time of 7:30 we had about a dozen people show up. We formed a circle and introduced ourselves. Then we performed a song each and then one song with everyone taking turns in soloing.

As it happened, it was Pete's birthday, so the obligatory cake appeared and Corry played 'Happy Birthday' on the Dobro while we all sang along.

We finished up around 10:30 and wished each other well.
Looking forward to the next one.

For more information have a look on Facebook.

P.S. Just as I reached the end of the Eastern Freeway the skies opened up with very heavy rain and hail. Very hazardous conditions. Trying to walk on the footpath was an excercise in stupidity as everyone was slippin' and a slidin'. Glad I didn't do a Kim Beasley impression.