Bill Jackson
via Pete Fiddler

Ever since the first meeting of the Melbourne Dobro Club, I've been checking out gigs that Pete Fiddler performs at. Now Pete is a sideman, he add the flashy bits to the person he's supporting. One of the gigs featured Bill Jackson. Bill originally hails from Sale but he's a big boy now and has toured many parts of the world.

I've bought three of Bill's CD's and they are worth the cost, very pleasant original music made all the more better by Pete's playing.

Now Pete plays support for quite a few acts and is in demand as a live and session player, performing varied styles of music. Pete is the resident Dobro player in Bluegrass Band "Bluestone Junction". Now this is where Bill fits into my musical picture: Bill doesn't play Bluegrass and that is a very big plus for me as Pete has to play more melodies than rolls and I prefer that.

Over the last week or so I have caught Bill at the Clifton Hill Hotel, the Yinnar Pub and lastly at the Briagalong Pub. The last was a great night mixed to perfection with Pete's Dobro in great voice. I traveled home a contented man.

I'll have to prompt Pete to make a CD of his own in a non-Bluegrass style. I know I'd be first in line.