Strzelecki Stringbusters

The Strzelecki Stringbusters hold a monthly workshop for beginners on the second Wednesday of the month in the back room of the Yinnar Hotel. I had been invited along by one of the members and decided that it would be a good thing to do.

The agenda is to learn one song per week and for the final main concert all of the songs will be played.

The layout is basically a circle with John Werner (Leader, Bass, Vocals) calling the shots. Around forty people attend the workshop comprising, guitar, banjo,mandolin, fiddle and double bass. I bring Dobro.

Since my Dobro is being repaired, I brought along the Paul Beard resonator and a Fender amplifier as it's not very loud and there only one representative instrument. As I walked in, one of the Stringbusters made the declaration that if I'm too loud he'll walk out. I agreed with him.

I had been told that there is a mini-jam at the end of the night for the more experienced players, but that only went for a very short time as the beginners class went overtime.

I was quite glad to be apart of something musical and enjoyed myself with the evenings activities.

The nest day, John Werner and Garry White said the addition of the Dobro sounded good and they invited me back. I of course accepted.

Looking forward to next months session.