Traralgon Eisteddfod 2011

Spent the weekend being the house musician for the Country section of the Traralgon Eisteddfod.

A few people rang in the week prior to the event for information, help, etc. You'd think they would have done that a lot earlier.

As seems to be the pattern, I had one drama with a contestant that picked up the wrong key from my cues and just went for it. It was during the Yodel section, and even though she wasn't singing in key she received an honarable mention. More rehearsal required.

My guitar gave out in the last hour Sunday morning. I asked one of the music teachers for a loan of their guitar to see me through. I had loaned one of them my bass guitar for a few songs earlier in the competition, so I guess what goes around comes around. Very friendly place.

I do have one gripe. I am of the opinion that professional acts really shouldn't be part of the Eisteddfod. The situation: A professional husband and wife team were backing their daughter which is just fine. But for them to enter other sections without their daughter is just not on. I say this for the obvious reason that they will always win any section they go in and take away the opportunity of non-professional contestants of winning first place. In effect shutting them out.
I see the institution of the Eisteddfod being for amateurs and for the young and the old. Young people because they are learning how to put an act together. Old people because they enjoy performing and it's probably the only public event that will have either of them. A professional act just doen't sit right with me.

I've been asked back for next year. I must be doing something right!