All those Years Ago: Graham Dean

Having caught up on Facebook, I decided to make a trip to catch up with Graham Dean who now lives in Redcliffe, Queensland.

We did briefly make contact decades ago, but somehow we lost each others address.

Graham and I were both in a local band named 'The Mystics' which was created while still some of the members will still attending Morwell High School. I wasn't in the initial line-up, but was asked to fill-in one night (Christmas 1966) and ended up continuing with the band until it's demise in 1969.


Graham and John

The Mystics. From left to right: John Mazur, Brian Kane, Graham Dean, Kevin Pocknee. (Tony Marino off to the right somewhere.)



Graham and John

Ah, a Beatles moment.



Graham and John


Now, still happy playing and performing.


I told Graham my most vivid memory of us was rehearsing Taxman at Warragul Hall. After the middle part, I was supposed to start playing a riff which Graham expected to start before going into the next verse. I was off with fairies and wasn't playing the riff. Graham oh so professionally walked over to me and kicked me in the back side and asked "Where's the riff?" I immediately took the hint and started playing the riff. Graham's a perfectionist.

Later when the guitars came out, I commented that the way Graham played a 'D' chord looked strikingly similar to the way mandolin players play a long stretch chord. Graham reminded me that it was me who showed him how to play the chord. I used a bar, Graham doesn't, still looks cute.

All the Beatle songs came back and we played away until Graham's wife informed us that perhaps we should quieten down a bit as it was getting late. We did, grudgingly.

We each love playing music but approach it from different directions. Graham likes to perform and entertain people by putting on shows. I'm just taken in by the sounds of the instruments and am prepared to perform in a sharing way to an audience.

I really enjoyed catching up a most pleasant visit.