Old Dogs - New Tricks

A work collegue and I have taken up the challenge to learn new instruments. I'm referring to Paul Morris who has taken upon himself to learn drumming. In my case it's the cello.

Paul asked me if I'd like a little get together to try out our new skills at his place. Why not, I accepted.

Paul picked me and my gear up and we went to his place where he already had a drum kit set up. I set up my gear and we spent about three hours just having fun and commenting on each others performance. You see, it's the first time either of us has played in front of another player since we have taken up these new instruments.

We played all sorts of stuff and experimented on improving our technique, nothing like playing live to identify issues.

I'm really pleased with the Shadow NFX pickup/Benz-Genz amplifier setup. Just sounds fantastic.

Hope we do it again.