ARC Yinnar - Open-Mic

In an effort to set a goal for my cello playing, I decided to enter the next open-mic at ARC Yinnar.

To make the event more interesting I asked Paul Morris if he's like to practice his new percussion skills with me. Paul responded in a positive manner, so we had two rehearsals a week apart and came up with an arrangement for three songs.

I chose Nature boy, Baby, Now that I've found you, and, Write me a letter.

Each song has it's own challenge and it was fun putting together an appropriate percussion arrangement. Paul went the extra mile and purchased a turbo charged shaker.

On the night, we were the second act. I had issues with not being able to hear the cello through the foldback speakers which unbalanced me somewhat. I played on, but felt rather uncomfortable. We made it through without falling over and plan to do it again in the future.

I had planned to make a quick departure, but had to wait an hour as there didn't seem to be provided guitar cable to the P.A. and the next half dozen acts used my cable. Finally one was located and I was able to exit. I had planned on attending Martin Bacon's 50th birthday and I did, but only got an hours playing time by the time I arrived in Pakenham.

Varied night, that's a good thing.