Bairnsdale County Club host the 'Our Kinda Country' Club

Every now and then, the Bairnsdale Country Club throws open it's stage for another Country Club to put on a show for them. Today was the turn of the 'Our Kinda Country' Club (OKCC). This is third attendance of the OKCC and apparently the most successful event so far based on the number of people attending.

Dawn O'Connell, our president, plans the show and musicians associated with the club put on the show. According to the plan every artist was responsible for delivering three songs and passing on to the next performer. Bill Rowley the 'Country Rocker' was M.C. as well as a performer.

In the evolution of the club, we have found that it's best not to have a 'house band' as that tends to loom larger than some of the performing artists. We keep it simple, we provide just a bass or guitar backing and everything else is left up to the performer. No drums. This helps keep the overall volume down and results in a more intimate experience. I played bass for all performers, and on this occasion Lindsay Hammond provided non-nonsense guitar backup for some of the performers.


The performer list is as follows:

  • Bryce Wright
  • John Mazur
  • Jody Bryant
  • The Hammonds: Lindsay, his wife Gail and daughter Paula in various combinations.
  • Glen (from Bairnsdale)
  • Pat Wakefield
  • Ron Munn
  • Evan Platschinda
  • Bill Rowley
  • Andrew (from OKCC)
  • Brian Barker, and finally,
  • Arthur Creeley.
  • There was one act that was squeezed in, I'll find out who they were.
Bairnsdale Country Club
I decided to conform to the Country image and bought a suitable hat and shirt.
The birth of 'Country John'!

After Ron Munns performance there was a twenty minute break to allow for the raffles, stretch the legs and grab some tea or coffee. Artists brought along their own CD's for purchase. Looks like I may have to make a Country flavoured CD one day.

We started at 1:00 p.m. at the Bairnsdale R.S.L. and played through to 4:30. The Bairnsdale Country Club set up their P.A. which was ably controlled by Andrew Thistlewaite. All we had to do was plug in and perform.

As the event progressed two or maybe three extra tables were added to the already impressive list of tables. A very well attended event.

We will be back.

Note: RSL's in general have a policy of patrons not wearing hats. Mind you, women can. The only place you could wear a hat in their establishment was on stage, hence were the picture was taken.