Drunken Poet

I have been looking around for gigs in and around Melbourne for some time and the Drunken Poet in Peel Street, West Melbourne seemed to fit the bill.

I checked out a few of the bands that played there and thought I could make a go of it. I noticed a poster advertising their once a month (first Thursday of the month) open-mic and made a note to attend it. Made the trip down, registered with the MC and waited my turn. I performed three songs and seemed to go over positively with the audience. Next I made up a resume and took along a CD and approached the lady running the establishment, Siobhan. I'm hearing "Chevon" but quickly learned the real spelling. I waited some time and was actually surprised to receive a call from Siobhan. offering me a gig.

At this point I was told a few home truths:

Well there's a step up for me. I did an instant inventory of my skills and songs and accepted the gig. I had to make a poster which was fun. I duly posted them off a week before my gig. Three days before the gig I receive a phone call from Siobhan. asking "Where are the posters?" in an assertive voice. The call went to message bank as for some reason the phone didn't ring. Half an hour later the phone did ring and it was Siobhan. saying to ignore the last call, she had found the posters. Phew, thank goodness, for a moment I thought I had lost the gig.

I had planned to use a 'Looper' but just couldn't get my feet working as well as I would like and the loops sounded awkward. Fine, I'll just play solo.

I showed an hour before the appointed time and acclimatised. There were only two acts on this night and I was second.

After the first act collected all his gear I set up. The first act brought their own microphone, cute. I needed a bit o f help making the P.A. work and fortunately a man showed up who new what to do and I was on my way. It's a trifle daunting to play solo and perform your own material and I do admit to being a trifle nervous, but that's all good. I use the sequencer not as a device to play everything else but guitar, but just bass and drums so I can play solos. I'm no finger picker. I played through my songs and struggled through some solos and ended up with a good reaction. No one left.

I'm not going to retire on what I earned, but it was a good learning experience. Musically, it would be good if I had a partner to share out the work load, but I can't realistically see that happening. The gig is two hours away and really a bit of a stretch, but hey, I like playing.

A car load of supporters from the 'Our Kinda Country Club' also made the trip down to support me. Very good of them.

Now, for a repeat booking, that would be good.