Elwood Blues Club

I had a most pleasant experience at the Elwood Blues Club last Sunday, beyond my wildest expectations.

Two of the EBC Allstars were away: Peter Beulke (Bass) and Peter Hodges (Drums), so MC Adrian Reeces (Keyboard) had to find replacements.

As it turned out Adrian asked me to play Bass in two sets and play Guitar in the final set with Sim Martin, WOW! This should happen more often.
I didn't fall over and managed to sneak a few solos in. Not often you hear a Rickenbacker playing the Blues, but it does work.

Sim plays with an undistorted sound and doesn't use a plectrum. Some really great technique, not to forget the light and shade volume wise.

Great evening!

Me and Sim Martin
Me, Salty and Sim Martin performing in the final set.