Nott Brothers

Through long time friend/muso Tony Martin, the Nott Brothers were formed. And what an illustrious bunch we are:

Nott Brothers

From left to right we have:

Doc Martin: Guitar/Vocals.
John Mazur: Guitar/Vocals.
Peter Howell: Bass.
Bryan Straffod: Guitar/Vocals.
Tony Martin: Drums/vocals.

Our first gig was at school reunion function for attendees of the Oaklieigh High School, themed a sixties night and that's where we come in. Given the theme and the period of music, it was not much effort to put together a band for us to play sixties music.

It's always good to play with seasoned players as it becomes hardly any effort to put a band together as we live and breath the stuff. Fun, fun, fun.

The night went exceedingly well as we were embraced by the attendess and they showed their support by dancing all night. With the obligitory "Come on, one more song" at the end of the night. Doesn't get much better.

Unfortunately, Doc couldn't make it as he had more pressing issues and the band supports his decision. Doc was there is spirit.

Had a great time as I'm sure my fellow musos did.

Look forward to the next gig.