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More Taylor issues

I never realised how much could go wrong with a new guitar.

When I replaced the printed circuit board, I noticed that when I connected the neck pickup plug, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't. Rather intermittent.
I just wasn't in the mood to investigate further then, and just moved the cable until the pickup worked. Today I had a reason, the neck pickup stopped working again!

Pulled off the back plate and investigated. I struggled for awhile as it's a bit cramped in there. Fine, I removed the neck pickup from the guitar and went searching.
It took me awhile as intermittent faults just aren't very cooperative, but finally I tracked it down to the black wire, specifically the pin in the Molex connector.
Who ever (Taylor) did the crimping of the wire to the pin didn't get it right.

Taylor Connector
Dodgy connection.

All's well now, the guitar behaves as it should.

Just have to wait until Taylor creates a new case and I'll have no more issues.