Dan Musil - A chance encounter


Looking through the local gig guide I noted that Dan Musil had a gig at The Vault Kitchen and Bar in Morwell. When I was a young lad, the property used to be a bank, hence the name.

I'd seen Dan play before a couple of times and was very pleased to see how good a player he really is. There are probably three players locally that get my attention. Dan is one of them. I like players that are accomplished, have lots of playing experience and play stuff that isn't scripted or pop.

I arrived about half an hour after start time and was directed to a table by the kitchen's staff, not far from where Dan was performing. Minimalist setup: Weisenborn guitar, standard tuned guitar, amplifier, microphone and stand. Very similar to the picture.

In the 'old days' I would have had a guitar in the car, but not today, I just wanted to listen and take in all those good sounds.

Dan was performing a song when I arrived, so after I was seated I started working through the food menu. As soon as Dan finished the song he calls over and asks "Did you bring a guitar?". I replied "No, but I can fix that!". Drove home and collected the De Gruchy and a small amp, headed back and set up.

Dan doesn't use set lists, he just makes things up as he goes, just like me. I started out just adding little bits and pieces to what he was playing. As we went along Dan 'threw me' a few solos and I harmonised vocally with what he was singing. Even led a few songs myself.

In one song I opted to keep rather quiet as the key was F#, not great for a 'G' tuned instrument. Quick as flash Dan moves the capo on his guitar up one fret. Fantastic.

Quality time as we were near acoustic playing slide guitars. My sort of turf.

Playing that last hour was most enjoyable. Best fun I've had for awhile. One of the highlights of the year.

Glad I made the effort to drive in.

Dan Musil