The Yallourn Madrigal Singers
Winter Feast

During the middle of the year The Yallourn Madrigal Singers hold a Winter Feast, this year held at Century Inn, Traralgon West. I joined TYMS after their feast last year. Top night playing to a full house.


Winter Feast


Songs performed were:

Song Title
In These Delightful Pleasant Groves SATB Bronwyn
Linden Lea SATB Bronwyn
Love Me Sweet. SSA* Sophy
I Sowed the Seeds of Love. SATB Sophy
All Creatures Now SCHOLA Sophy
Beauty Is a Lovely Sweet. SAT Sophy
O Happy Eyes SATB Sophy
The Turtle Dove SATB Sophy
Dirait-ton SATB Bronwyn
If I Loved You SATB Bronwyn
Someone To Watch Over Me Solo: Ian Moore Piano: Sophy

I Thought That Love Had Been a Boy

SCHOLA Bronwyn
What'll I Do? SATB Bronwyn
And So It Goes SATB Sophy
The Shower SATB Sophy
Lascio Ch'io Pianga SATB Sophy
Greensleeves SATB Sophy
Whenever the Wind is High TB Bronwyn
The Nearness of You SCHOLA Sophy
Who Shall Win My Lady Fair? SATB Sophy
Tourdion SATB Sophy
The Rhythm of Life SATB Bronwyn

* Tamara Healey: Flute


Sophy Sophey Morley: Co-Director
Bronwyn Bronwyn Morrissey : Co-Director
SAT Soprana, Alto and Tenor.
SATB Soprana, Alto, Tenor and Bass
SSA Soprano, Soprano and Alto
TB Tenor and Bass


Given the principal that only performers should be on stage during performances, this required quite a bit of movement to and from the stage. We are arranged in two rows, so we would form queues starting with those closest to the door and walk out in single file and collect on the other side of the door. Walking in was done in reverse order, those on the far side of the stage walked on first.


TYMS is different in the sense that instead of having one director, we have two co-directors.

Both shows were well attended with an appreciative audience.

The previous director Rhonda Kemsley, was presented with life membership to The Yallourn Madrigal Singers.

On a humerous note I can report that the evening raffles went over very well. There was a table at the back with the prizes to be selected by the winners. One winner was so excited that they took a plant arrangement which was actually owned my the Inn and not a prize. How were they to know?

I had a nap just before the second concert and woke up, how shall I say, later than I should have. Showed up halfway through rehearsal.