PICAL Evening Market


Stage and ampitheatre

PICAL is an acronym for the Phillip Island Community And Learning Centre.

During the summer season, PICAL facilitate in running an evening market at Erehwon park on the foreshore at Cowes

The band, 'The Deep Blue', provide the music. We are a three piece group starting out as Paul Smith on Bass, Martin Saunders on drums and me on guitar. For the last two performances we had a change of lineup as Paul decided to leave and so now we have a new bass player Rob Watson.

I do most of the singing, Martin sings a few and Paul/Rob harmonises.

This is our third year providing music for the market. As usual we put in a big effort to learn new songs.

It's really a good gig to play at. Family friendly and everyone is friendly. Sort of feels like playing for family.

We set up in a marquee provided by PICAL This year the staff seemed busier than usual so we decided to setup the marquee ourselves, lots of pulling, lifting and tugging for a bunch of old guys.

This year PICAL closed off the street and had the vendors set up there. The food vendors were set up on the grass on the foreshore. A really good positive move, much more accessible.

The first market was cancelled due to the danger of lightning strikes. I'm sure this put a few people out as it was at short notice, however, better safe than sorry.
As compensation an extra market was added at the end of the season.

During one performance a group of four young teenagers approached us with the intention of performing a song on our gear. I directed them to the PICAL management and never saw them again. They really seemed keen.

On another performance a young approached us and asked if he could play drums for a song and listed off his credentials which seemed impressive. We played 'I Feel Good' and he sure did, he took off at a furious pace.

This year the P.A. failed yet again and I wasn't able to find anyone locally to help. Decided to have a look inside and unplugged and plugged a few things. As a result it works perfectly I am very pleased to report.


Food Vendor View

Street vendor view