Rickenbacker Tailpiece Failure


Went to a 'get together' with a friend of mine and took the Rickenbacker 360/12 with me. He had just bought a 330, so we were going to compare instruments.

Opening ther case when I arrived was quite an experience, strings everywhere. I knew immediately that the R tailpiece had failed and hence the mess.

I surfed the internet and found that this is a relatively common affair, especially with the 12 string model.

Rickenbacker, in an attempt to make things difficult for those who clone guitars have made the replacement process somewhat difficult.
These are the steps that need to be followed:

1. Return the faulty tailpiece to CMI, the Australian distributor.
2. Provide the serial number of the guitar, then, at their leisure,
3. Provide $150.00 for the purchase of a replacement tailpiece, and finally,
4. Wait several months for Rickenbacker to do their thing.

I went searching for the serial number and couldn't find it where I expected. A quick phone call revealed that the number is stamped on the output jack plate. So the plate owns the number, not the guitar. Rather odd.

A company named Westfield make a functional tailpiece, but it doesn't have the same razzle, dazzle as the original.


Makes you wonder why the build quality of the original is so poor.