Welcome to my feedback page.
This is where I give a critique of events that I've either performed at or attended.
25th June
  90 Mile Blues Club
4th September
  Rickenbacker Tailpiece
  The Yallourn Madrigal Singers - Traralgon Legacy Widows Thanksgiving Service.
  The Yallourn Madrigal Singers - Winter Warmer Concerts
  The Yallourn Madrigal Singers
  Status report.
17th October
  Rickenbacker tailpiece failure.
30th June-1st July
  Brisbane Steel Guitar Festival.
  PICAL evening market, Cowes.
20th November
  Tale of Two Guitars.
27th-28th July
  The Yallourn Madrigal Singers - Winter Feast
30th June
  Dan Musil
24th-25th June
  Brisbane Steel Guitar Festival
Summer 16-17
  PICAL evening market, Cowes
  The Yallourn Madrigal Singers
25th-26th July
  Brisbane Steel Guitar Festival
10th January
  More Taylor issues
7th-22nd November
  ResoSummit - Trip
7th-22nd November
  ResoSummit - Event
9th September
  More Taylor issues.
20th-21st June
  Brisbane Steel Guitar Festival
10th March
  Adventures in Taylor land.
22nd November
  Nott Brothers
21st-22nd June
  Brisbane Steel Guitar Festival.
12th June
  BOTSO - Teaching the orchestra a song.
9th April
  JD Trip
16th March
  Good to play with a muso
15th February
  A Typical Gig?
5th October
  New 3 CD set - Such is life
26th August
  Enough is enough
18th July
  Buskers Club
22nd-23d June
  Brisbane Steel Guitar Festival
27th May
  Elwood Blues Club - Sim Martin
13th May
  Elwood Blues Club (EBC)
26th-28th April
  Great Alpine Pick (GAP)
9th Decemebr
  BOTSO at Abbotsford
7th December
  Who can you trust?
28th November
  Jambusters 2012
15th-18th November
  Harrietville 2012
14th October
  BOTSO - Artists for Kids Culture Auction
1st-2nd September
  Traralgon Eisteddfod - 2012
24th-26th August
  Kelly Country Pick
28th July
  Carino's 2
19th July
  Drunken Poet
13th-15th July
  Redlands Bluegrass Festival
9th July
  Bairnsdale Country Club
28th June
  Lady GaGa
24th June
  Rhythm and Blues Club
9th June
28th May
  Cello Lessons 1
27th May
  Rhythm and Blues Club
12th May
  ARC Yinnar
27th April
  First Public Performance on the Cello
8th April
  Old Dogs - New Tricks
6th April
  Port Albert - Tree collision
25th March
  Peter Rowan Show
5th March
Cello pickup.
26th December
  All Those Years Ago: Graham Dean.
2nd December
  Rickenbacker Twelve String Bridge
30th November
  Strzelecki Stringbusters Kindergarten
19th November
  Harrietville 2011
12th November
  Karl Mohr Combo
27th October
  Stevie Winwood/Steely Dan concert
11th September
  Test Drive
6th September
  Finally ...
3rd-4th September
  Traralgon Eisteddfod 2011
27th August
  Upgrade the De Gruchy 2
19th-21st August
10th August
  Strzelecki Stringbuster Workshop
5th August
  Upgrade the De Gruchy 1
22nd April
  Derek Trucks Band
19th March
  Katoomba Music Festival
19th January
  Tamworth Songwriters Association
11th December
  Tommy and Phil Emmanuel (50th Anniversary Tour)
22nd November
  Harrietville 2010
2nd October
  Bill Jackson
12th September
24th August
  Melbourne Dobro Club
21st August
  Traralgon Eisteddfod 2010
6th June
5th May
  Bob Cooper CD launch
8th April
  John Mayall and Chris Wilson
27th March
  'Need for Feed' event.
26th March
  (The) Badgers - Part 2
20th March
  Port Albert
13th March
  12th Anniversary of the Community Playground.
12th March
  (The) Badgers - Part 1
3rd March
  Morning Melodies
26th January
  Australia Day - Port Albert.
15th January
  New P.A. Speakers.
5th December
  Return of the prodigal slide
22nd November
  Harrietville 2009
21st November
  Yarram Show 2009
31st October
  Great Victorian Camp Oven Festival ( Heyfield Show 2009)
29th August
  Traralgon Eisteddfod 2009
28th August
  Resonance points
23rd August
  Beechworth 2009/Kelly Country Pick
26th July
  Headless, Fretless, What next?
14th June
  Bairnsdale Country Music Club
31st May
  Beginners Jam
21st March
  Pickin' at the Piggery
7th March
  Boolarra Folk Festival 2009
26th January
  Jeff Beck
22nd November
  Yarram Show 2008
17th November
  Harrietville 2008
1st November
  "Now, where's the Bass?"
14th August
1st August
28th July
  Catching Up - Sandy Clark
8th June
  Not Country Music
7th June
  Country Music
12th March
Churchill Festival 2008
5th March
  George Harrison
16th November
  Harrietville 2007
5th October
  A night as a "Country Rocker"!
20th September
  Steely Dan
15th September
23rd June
  Gippsland Acoustic Music Club - 25th Anniversary
7th April
3rd March
  Boolara Folk Festival/The Gables
18th February
  Mt Baw Baw Music Festival
28th January
  Latrobe Valley Rhythm and Blues Club
27th December
  Woodford 2006
17th November
  Harrietville 2006
20th August
  Beechworth Bluegrass Festival 2006
16th July
  3GCRFM - Beatlemania
4th June
  Yarragon Hotel
2nd April
  Strezlecki String Buster for a day
26th March
  LV Rhythm & Blues Club - March 2006
4th March
  Boolarra Folk Festival 2006
18th February
  Fiddlers Festival 2006
17th February
  Bruthen Blues Festival 2006
16th February
  Radio spot on 3GCR FM
11th February
  Country Music in the Park
27th November
  Latrobe Valley Rhythm and Blues Club
15th October
  The Three C's
12th September
  Kevin Pocknee - RIP
11th September
  Saloon Bar
18th July
  The end of another era
12th June
  "Johnny Pops"?
27th May
26th February
  Tsunami Concert, Traralgon (Australia Day)
15th October
  Tailpiece Failure
31st July
  The Who - Melbourne
  Callignee Market
  Hamish Davidson's 21st birthday party
  Penninsula Country Music Club
  Noojee Country Music Festival
  Tamworth 2004
  Callignee Market
  Harrietville 2003
  Callignee Market
  A Band Gig?
  Callignee Market
  Rainbow Bridge - Jimi Hendrix
  Moe RSL and a 60th birthday
  Pickin' at the Piggery
  Ausgrass 2003
31st May
  Catchup time (Noggins and Bats/Pyramid)
  LV Rhythm and Blues Club
  LV Rhythm and Blues Club
  Buchan Foothills Festival
  Harrietville 2002
  Maldon 2002
  Ausgrass 2002
  Bruthen Blues Bash 2002
  Tamworth 2002
  Buchan Foothills Festival 2002
  Queenscliff Music Festival 2001
  Maldon Folk Festival 2001
  Latrobe Valley Rockers Trivea Night
  Harrietville 2001
  LV Rhythm and Blues Club
  Amigo Restaurant - Traralgon
  Ausgrass 2001
  Bruthen Blues
  LV Rhythm and Blues Club
  National Folk Festival 2001
  Bruthen Festival 2001
  Goulburn Blues Festival 2001
  Tamworth 2001
  Queenscliff Music Festival 2000
  Pickin' at the Piggery
  Maldon Folk Festival 2000
  Harrietville 2000
  Ausgrass 2000
  The new CD - Lonely Hearts
  Port Fairy Folk Festival 2000
  National Folk Festival 2000
  Bits and pieces

Lachlan Deer, Hamish Davidson and me at the Maldon Folk Festival