1. I do wish that promoters would 'Keep you in the loop'.
    I've had a few organisers/promotors shut down a show/function and forget to tell me. Really unprofessional.
    You rush home, grab a bite, load up your gear, travel to the venue only to find the lights out our no trace of what you were expecting.
    Tonight I heard a voice call out my name across a car park and tell me "I don't think tomorrow night is on as ....(insert the appropriate name here) ... has pulled the pin on the night." Do you you think they'd inform me? Of course they would ... NOT!


  1. This could be a very large list. The list would comprise mainly physical issues that have limited my ability tp perform. Some I have overcome, some I haven't.

    1. Having developed type two diabetes some time ago, there are sideeffects. The major issue is my legs. My legs have become weak and I have some peripheral neuropathy. Thies effects me in two ways:
      1. Can't stand for a long time.
      2. Because of the peripheral neuropathy, I have balance issues.

    2. Tinitus.
      I have that ringing in my ears that never goes away. There is no cure, and I don't want it to get worse. The result is that I have to avoid loud noises, which pretty well elimates playing in a band.
      A side issue is that I have trouble understanding what is being spoken to me if there are a lot of people around us who are also talking. I'm now best one-on-one in a quiet setting.

    3. Tendonitis.
      I suspect that using a computer keyboard hasn't helped this issue. These days anything repetative brings it back. Playing computer games that use a small set of keys brings it on.
      I can remember in Pyramid things got so bad I found it hard to even swing my forearm to keep rhythm.
      I could have sought out medical advice but the options seemed too extreme. I opted for rest.

    4. Stamina.
      I find it difficult to work for long periods of time before becomin ill.
      Just have to pace myself.

  2. Because of the above, my current behaviour is to record original material at home and publish to YouTube.

  3. I have moved on from playing covers to creating my own music. While this limits my employement prospects, it's far more satisfying.

  4. I have always preferred a more intimate setting to perform in with a small number of patrons. Places like a small cafe, club or even a kitchen table where the amounts of amplification are minimal if non existant. It doesn't have to be loud to be 'good'.