MTLunch / Over 50’s held on the 2 nd Tuesdays of each month – (Was Thursday’s in 2013 & 2014)
Hall  opens 9.30 am until 2.30 pm and you are invited to join us for part or all of that time.
9.30 – 10.30 Maintenance Usually, we will mow the lawns and tidy up the grounds and List or do small repairs to items like tables and chairs etc.   then MORNING TEA from 10.30 am followed by lunch at 12.30.
You can just enjoy refreshments while you chat or have a game of cards or backgammon.

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SUPPORTING ABA. We hope that you can attend a few functions a year in support of the ABA’s ongoing assistance to members here in Australia and in Lebanon. We also support other local charities including SIDS, Prostate, Leukaemia & Homeless.
If you are unable to attend functions and wish to support your association by donating cash then please make cheques payable to Australian Blouza Association and post to us at PO BOX 521  Parramatta 2124 Alternatively you may send via EFT to our bank account Arab Bank BSB 917 113  Account 404570180.  Please include your name and in Description add “Donate re …………”
If you want to join a committee or just help for a day, please contact Joe D Younis on 0418 272 231
Financial Position
Annual Budget, Taxation & Reporting periods are January to December
Long Term liabilities (What we owe) as at 30 th April  2017 are $702,300     
If you can help to reduce the repayment date or increase our building fund please see deposit details above.
If you think you can assist with rental or maintenance, please contact Joe D Younis on 0418 272 231
Remember our functions are planned for members to participate in and to enjoy!!!!
Also, these functions and non Blouza rentals assist in paying for the mortgage & operating costs.
If you think you can assist at any of the above functions, please contact Joe D Younis on 0418 272 231

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For and on behalf of your Committee
Australian Blouza Association Inc.

Blouza Hall Rental
Special prices for Blouza members
Ring John N Younis 0431 628 668
Blouza members - Wakes
NO Charges – based on availability on day
Please ring  Funeral Coordinator
Rates for Born in Blouza
Bond  Nil
Fees $ 750 a day
Extra for Round Tables $extra
Why the signed agreement !
A signed agreement is necessary to give you FREE insurance, otherwise we can’t let you or your guests in.
Why $ 750 a day ?             Because our Daily Letable          Hall Costs are
Toilet paper etc $50, Electricity $180, Water Council rates & Land Tax $52, Rubbish $160, Painting & Repairs $150, Chairs & tables $100 plus more including Voluntary Gardening , repairs to chairs, tables, toilets, opening up and locking up and preparing for next rental, often happens 1-3 am
Everyone else Rates !!
Bond $2,000  $120 an Hour (min 5 hours) Cleaning $250 & Security Costs
Plus  Insurance, Round Tables etc  $ extra
The Purpose of OUR Fantastic Hall is to provide a meeting place for our Blouza community & others to rent.
The purpose of the ABA is provide assistance to our Blouza community members when in need and to celebrate.
Please note the Hall requires ongoing maintenance to allow the Purpose to continue. "
updated 15 April 2017
Dear reader,
We pray that when reading this newsletter you and yours are well. If not, we pray that  you or yours will soon recover or overcome your present situation.
To all, our best wishes and good health for 2016 and beyond.

    Hall   Rental   information
Other info
NOTE RE LARGE KITCHEN The Large commercial kitchen is no longer available for hire, as it  was leased out for a period of 3 years effective from Mid March 2017. The leasee company has separate access from the door near the bus stop. This kitchen was only hired out a few time in past 6 years. hence this was a great opportunity in increase revenue and thus reduce debts..