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SUPPORTING ABA. We hope that you can attend a few functions a year in support of the ABA’s ongoing assistance to members here in Australia and in Lebanon. We also support other local charities including SIDS, Prostate, Leukaemia & Homeless.
If you are unable to attend functions and wish to support your association by donating cash then please make cheques payable to Australian Blouza Association and post to us at PO BOX 521  Parramatta 2124 Alternatively you may send via EFT to our bank account Arab Bank BSB 917 113  Account 404570180.  Please include your name and in Description add “Donate re …………”
If you can help to reduce the repayment date or increase our building fund please see deposit details above.
If you think you can assist with rental or maintenance, please contact Joe D Younis on 0418 272 231
Remember our functions are planned for members to participate in and to enjoy!!!!
Also, these functions and non Blouza rentals assist in paying for the mortgage & operating costs.
The Purpose of OUR Fantastic Hall is to provide a meeting place for our Blouza community
               & others to rent whilst we have a mortgage.
                                         A monetary value on this is  impossible.
The purpose of the ABA is provide assistance to our Blouza community members when in need and to celebrate.
             Financially, we are limited by our annual profit, our support financially is increasing as our loan decreases.
Please note the Hall requires ongoing maintenance to allow the Purpose to continue.
         Also we rely on rental to supplement income from functions and thus keep a balanced budget.
Assisting the needy in Lebanon and in Australia - Our No. 1 aim.
Donations to charities & research incl. Prostate, SIDS,Leukemia,Maronites on Mission etc
Sponsorship of ABA supporters
All incoming cash
Other  outgoing Advertising, Postage,  bank fees etc
  Interest income
$   612
Overheads - Property expenses
Income  from outside sources
       Council rates
     Rental - gross
      Water rates
     Advertising signs - Arab bank
      Land tax
                        Sub total
  Major functions after direct costs
$  515
      Annual Blouza Ball
     Annual charity golf day
     Repairs & maintenance
    Dial before you Dig seminar
$   663
     Telephones & Internet
    Others- Mens night, St Saba,               Prayer day, Christmas                      functions etc 
     Waste collections
                         Sub total
             Total Property Expenses
Other cash including Donations etc
Interest and loan repayments
Interest free loans $60,000 will need to be repaid in 2016 - this will come from loan facility.
Building fund - on hold whilst interest is payable
$ nil
Net Profit for the period
       Total Expenses & Profit
Total income (after functions costs)
** Our assistance to the needy will increase as our repayments reduce
Annual Financial Budget – 2016
Off course- this doesn't include all the hours and products donated by members and friends

Your Executive Committee’s role is to generate sufficient income and control costs with the view of  achieving the associations vital goal of assisting the community financially and the provision of the Blouza Hall for use by the members for wakes etc.

The budget (The financial plan )  set by your executive committee helps to achieve this vital goal  as the possibilities for spending are endless, yet control of spending must be exercised to ensure it does not exceed the actual net income stream.

Income is also difficult to generate and this is where your executive committee works hardest to plan and hold functions that provide sufficient net income to cover budgeted assistance to community, building running costs, loan repayments and function costs. And hopefully a surplus of income, if possible.

The Actuals for January to December 2016 ( excluding GST)  is as follows:
Updated 15 April 2017
A big thank you to our sponsors who donate cash, food, Lucky door prizes & help at the various annual functions including the          Dial Before U Dig,     Blouza Has Talent,  ““2nd Tuesday MTLunch””, Blouza Charity Ball,  St Saba’s Thanksgiving Festival, Charity Golf Day, The Christmas Picnic etc      Please SUPPORT our Sponsors !!
Some of our sponsors are :

**Westmead Eyes ,     Westmead Hospital and Eastwood Eyes Eastwood  - Optometrists for your eye care
                      Talk to Arab Bank Australia today                           and experience superior service and
                 relationship banking with a  difference.                                               Visit  or                          freecall  1800 272 222   to learn more. 

**Chemist Warehouse          -      Parramatta
    -      Epping
    -      Eastwood
    -      Pennant Hills
  ***Strathfield Plumbing Services – 
Specialising in Minor and major works
****Black and White Couriers
9897 9499 Known for delivering on time !
Chevy impala lowriders - for all occasions - Get the royal treatment - Call Dazz Hanna 0402 873 333
Note : 2017 profit results will be boosted by the leasing out of the large kitchen from March 2017