Eduard #8048 (1/48)

This model depicts the He280 V3
flown by Fritz Shafer

Rostock-Marienehe, summer 1941

He280 Information
Role: Fighter
Country: Germany
Manufacturer: Heinkel
Production: 1940 - 43
No Produced: 9

The He280 was the worlds first jet fighter.
Only 9 were built, which of them 3 were jet powered. The project was stopped because the Me262 had priority

crew: 1
length: 10.4m
wingspan: 12.2m
height: 3.06m
weight (empty): 3215kg
weight (loaded): 4280kg
Powerplant: 2 x Heinkel HeS.8 Turbojet, 5.9kN each
Max Speed: 820km/h
Range: 370km
Service Ceiling: 10,000m
Guns: 3 x MG 151, 20mm cannons

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