Grown near Perth in Western Australia

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Our Christmas Trees are all pinus radiata. These have the short, soft, velvet green needle. They range in height from 1.5metres (5ft) to 3 metres (9ft)

The cut trees are usually at least 4 years old and have been pruned at least once a year.


  • Standard Cut Christmas Tree. 170cm - 210cm.
  • Christmas Tree Stands. Cinco stands, ( American ) plastic, circular, inner water well. Very stable

How to maintain your cut tree

  • Avoid direct sunlight and wind.
  • Cut 20-50 mm from the base of the tree and place it in the stand containing water as soon as possible after purchase.
  • Christmas Tree Stands may be commercial or simply buckets containing sand or rocks in water. The base must be in water, as the tree will continue to transpire. Trees may use a litre of water a day.
  • Most trees will last 3-5 weeks, some last much longer.
  • The trees will not regrow and the needles will eventually brown off, the branches become brittle and the tree dies.