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Australian Championships

Easter Saturday
Quambatook VIC
11th April



The weather was great, crowd numbers were well up on last year.

The QTPA would be very pleased with this especially with the bad times in the world economy.

We saw a drop off in numbers of big tractors, with the drought and other pressures on the money side

of things, some tractors were missing. The most  obvious  would be the Quamby, I don't think it has 

missed a pull since it was first built over 30 years ago.

Another item missing from the day was our regular Ariel stunt show, sadly we lost one of the greatest pilots

in the world of stunt flying, Pip was killed in a crash about 2 months ago, he was a regular at Quambatook .

An inclusion into the program was the Tug A Sled event, it was planned to have footballers in teams of 8

attempt to pull the mini sled. There was a lack of fotty teams willing to make the commitment.

 This was overcome with teams made up of different pulling class drivers, one team from the track workers

 and a ladies team.  I believe they were allowed a couple of extra bodies on the rope.

The Quambatook Footballers took out the $1000 prize, not sure but I think the track workers team may have

been second,

 Pulls ranging up to 60 metres were achieved, I think the girls made it to about 50 mtrs, when I get the official

 results I will .put them along with the tractor results on this page. I would like to thank all who made this day

 possible, ranging from sponsors workers, pullers and the public who made the pilgrimage to Quambatook.

More information when I get it cheers Kelvin

   Kelvin 0429 015220

Results Easter 2009

Open Mod

 3.4 tonne: Murray Muncha 1st,  Riverina Screamer 2nd

4.2 tonne: Riverina Screamer 1st, Murray Muncher 2nd

5.1 Tonne: Riverina Screamer 1st, Murray Muncher 2nd

Super Mod

Kryptonite 1st all three events.

Pro Stock

3.8 Tonne: Deere Experiance 1st

4.2 Tonne: Deere Experiance

4.6: T&I Terminator 1st Deere,  Experiance 2nd *

Mini Modified

770kg: Enforcer 1st, Bonkeys Banger 2nd, Mad Dog 3rd.

825 kg: Bonkeys Banger 1st, Mad Dog 2nd, Enforcer 3rd.

900kg; Enforcer 1st, Rough Justice 2nd, Greta Eta 3rd.

Open Mini

870kg: Flat Broke 1st, New Blood 2nd, Stampede 3rd.

900kg: Stampede 1st, Flat Broke 2nd, Aftershock 3rd.

950kg Stampede 1st, Aftershock 2nd, Agra v8 3rd

2WD Truck

2.5 Tonne: Spot On 1st, Caddy Shack 2nd, Resurrection 3rd*

2.6 Tonne: Spot On 1st, Caddy Shack 2nd, Resurrection 3rd*

2.7 Tonne: Spot On 1st, Caddy Shack 2nd, Resurrection 3rd*.

 Limited Modified

 I have just realized that the Limited mod results have not been given to me,

I will put them on when I get them.

You may note there is a *  after some vehicle names.

 This is to show the Vehicles that have won the Australian Championships,

 there is a rule, all vehicles must compete at 50% of the event prior to the

Australian Championships to be eligible.

Red Steer

Open to all Pulling Vehicles that can make the 3.3 tonne weight limit.

Murray Muncha 1st, Shellberite 2nd, Caddy Shack 3rd.

John Parker Memorial Trophy 4.2 tonne:

Kryptonite 1st, Riverina Screamer 2nd, T&i Terminator 3rd

I need to confirm the Butchers Picnic results

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"Australian Tractor Pull Championships"

30th Anniversary 2006


The old Outlaw 2 did not let me down with 3 wins and then a 

breakage in the special red steer event, 


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