Thermopol Intercooler Hoses


Thermopol CAC hoses are available in straight, shaped, stepped and convoluted designs.

Hot side hoses with aramid fabric reinforcement can operate at up to a maximum temperature of +500F (+260C).

Cold side hoses with polyester fabric reinforcement can operate at up to a maximum temperature of +350F (+177C). A wide range of operating conditions can be accommodated by varying the number of plies and convolutions and also by changing the convolution form itself. Convoluted hoses incorporate high quality stainless steel restraining rings.

The company's quality system has been assessed and registered to ISO 9002 & QS 9000 and we have received quality approvals from our major OEM customers

Thermopol can make custom shaped hoses for all applications. With tooling for close to 3,000 different hose designs in stock they may already have what you want. Call Turbotech about your hose needs!

Thermopol Intercooler Hoses


Thermopol CAC hoses are suitable for all charge cooler requirements because of their ability to cope with relative movement and pipework misalignment. At normal turbocharger pressures, regular constant torque of 'T' bolt clamps can be used. For high level ducting system integrity at increasing turbocharger pressures, flange type connections using metal v-band clamps are available.

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