Turbocharger Repairs

Why use Turbotech to repair your turbocharger?

The precision parts required to run at the high speeds of up to 230,00 rpm require precision assembly and torque settings for all components and subassemblies.

Turbotech have a complete range of customer services including the following:

  • Sales of new turbocharger components
  • Sales of reconditioned components
  • Exchange turbochargers
  • On site professional diagnosis for petrol or diesel vehicles with suspected turbo problems

Turbotech provide obligation free quotes for your turbocharger repairs

Comprehensive rebuild service on all makes and models including:

  • Motorbikes Automotive - Cars - Factory fitted units. Aftermarket fitted systems. Hi performance units. 4WD diesel units. Rally car units . Drag racing units. Road racing units.
  • Automotive - Trucks - Factory fitted units, Aftermarket fitted systems, Agricultural Tractors and Harvesters.
  • Marine Power Generation High Speed -Cummins - Caterpillar - Detroit - Scania - Low Speed - Napier - Brown Boveri - Alco - EMD
  • Mining and Earthmoving
  • In House Machining Services - utilising 1st class tradesperson machinist for turbocharger component refurbishment and related accessories i.e. exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds, exhaust outlet sleeves, manifold adaptor.

In House Machining Services

Utilising 1st class tradesperson machinist for turbochargercomponent refurbishment and related accessories ie. exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds, exhaust outlet sleeves, manifold adaptors.

Turbotech can refurbish the following turbocharger components:

Turbine Wheel and Shafts

Seal ring lands, Grind journals undersize, Reclaim turbine blade, Ultra violet crack testing, Shaft straightening, Precision balances,

Bearing Housings

Reclaim seal ring land, Bore journals oversize, Reclaim clamping flanges,

Backplate Assemblies

Reclaim whitemetal thrust bearing, Repair damaged seal land areas, Reclaim clamping flanges,

Compressor Housing

Refurbish compressor Inlet and Outlets, Reclaim clamping flanges, Profile inducer areas for high performance turbochargers,

Turbine Housings

Reclaim turbine exhaust outlet, Reclaim clamping flange areas, Remove broken bolts, Shot blasting and Sand blasting facilties, Profile exducer areas for high performance units, Pressure testing - water cooled units,

Compressor Wheels

Ultra violet crack testing, Precision balancing

In House VSR Balancing

VSR Balancer

Turbotech have a current model TurboTechnics "Vibration Sorting Rig" or "VSR - Balancer" This enables automotive turbochargers to be balanced as assemblies, for speeds up to 90,000 rpm to eliminate compressor noise.

Dynamic Balancing - Small

Turbotech have the latest American Hiens Autotrac 2000 computerised balancer to dynamically balance all small turbocharger componentry.

Dynamic Balancing - Large

Turbotech utilises an American Heins FM50 - 200 balancing machine for the in house balancing of large rotor assemblies such as Napier, Brown Boveri, Alco, EMD etc.

Cleaning Facilities

Sand Blasting, Glass Blasting, Shot Blasting, Automated Ultrasonic Acid Tanks, Automated Washing Machines

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