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Copy of 9th ASPAC 2007 - Peace, Friendship and Culture

Bali, Indonesia - Indonesian Bonsai Society

The 9th ASPAC went full circle as representatives of participating countries and regions selected Bali once again as host for the 2007 convention held at the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel in Sanur.

Sixteen years after the very first international event was held in the island of Bali in 1991 with the theme, Friendship Through Bonsai. Participants and guests will view the enormous efforts made to further the expansion of interest in Bonsai and Suiseki (stone appreciation) in Asia and the Pacific regions.

The organizing committee of the 9th ASPAC was led by its chairman, M. Paiman, with the inspiring support of its patron, Ismail Saleh SH. They delivered a grand event showcasing the charm of the country’s picturesque scenery, traditional dances, visual arts and the artistic expression of Indonesian artists in a grand display of Bonsai and Suiseki.

Noted foreign bonsai demonstrators and Suiseki lecturers were invited to share their mastery of the two arts. Demonstrators in Bonsai include Zhao Qingquan of China, Zheng; Chenggong from Taiwan, Mick Sherman from England, Shinichi Nakajima from Japan, Jose Luis Rodriguez Macias from Latin America, William Valavanis from the United States, Hu Yun Hua from China and Min Hsuan Lo from Taiwan. Suiseki lecturers included Jia Xiangyun of China, Willi Benz of Germany and Zhong Changhai of China.

More than 450 people, 212 from abroad and the rest from Indonesia came to join the convention. Thousands of people from several areas of Indonesia, watched the exhibitions and bazaars in the venue. China, including Macau and Hong Kong, were the biggest delegations followed closely by Taiwan. Other Asian countries represented were India, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam; where as the white Asia was represented by friends from Australia. Bonsai and Suiseki friends represented Europe from Germany, France, Netherlands and United Kingdom, followed by friends from South Africa as far away as the United States and Puerto Rico.

Three hundred and twelve selected Bonsai from various regions of Indonesia and three hundred and ten Suiseki, mostly from Indonesia and some 40 pieces from abroad were displayed in the exhibition hall. The Bonsai were selected to find the best 30, the best in show and the best in sizes. The judges are William Valavanis from USA, Mick Sherman from UK, Shinichi Nakajima from Japan, Lo Minhsuan and Cheng Cheng Kung from Taiwan, Wei Jing Seng and Qingquan Zhao from China and Jose Luis Rodrigues from Puerto Rico. Of the 310 Suiseki, 24 were nominated as the best. The Suiseki judges were Willi Benz from Germany, Seah Kang Chui from Singapore, Tan Weng Wah from Malaysia and Arisige Matsuura from Japan.

The ASPAC 9 ended with a warm garden party. The Kecak dance that involved 75 people on the stage was said to be very impressive for foreigners. Dancing together on the stages brought an end beautiful memory of the 9th ASPAC.

A beautiful album on Bonsai and Suiseki was published and distributed to each participant. The hard cover album consists of 222 pages of beautiful Bonsai and Suiseki that mostly from Indonesia with some contributions from Philippines, India, South Korea and Australia.

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