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About Us - The Bonsai in Asia Guide Book

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The Bonsai in Asia Guide Book

I started this website after creating a website about the Bonsai that I saw in Bali. So many people started asking me questions about Bonsai in other Asian countries that I decided to collate all of the information that I could find about Bonsai in the Asian region into The Bonsai in Asia Guide Book. I called it a guide book because I wanted it to be a resource for locals and tourists to find and see Bonsai in these countries.

When first created this website it was unique in being the first collective site about Bonsai and Suiseki in any region of the world. It is still the only website with comprehensive information and links about Bonsai and Suiseki within all of the countries in the Austral-Asian region.

This website has taken many hundreds of hours to create and maintain, and is a totally non-profit concern, it is for the benefit of all who love Bonsai and Suiseki and are living or travelling to the countries from which I have collected the information collated within this site. The ongoing collection and updating of information is wholly dependent upon YOU, continuing to send to me new and updated information about Bonsai or Suiseki in Asia.

If you live in, or have visited the Asian Region you can help me by providing information about Bonsai and Suiseki shops, nurseries, displays or events. Please be as accurate and detailed as possible as others will be using this to try and locate the Bonsai sites you've seen.

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