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2008 ABFF Convention & Exhibition - Bangkok2008 ABFF Convention & Exhibition - Bangkok
Thai Bonsai - Country of Amazing Atractions
3-6 December 2008, The Rose Garden, Bangkok, Thailand

Bonsai History
History of Bonsai

What is SuisekiWhat is Suiseki
As with Bonsai, Suiseki was first practiced by the Chinese during the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279), and are generally referred to as Chinese Scholars Stones. As trade and contact between China and Japan flourished in the middle ages, the Japanese adopted and adapted the art form to their own culture, and like bonsai have set guidelines and refined the art. Due to this Japan is thought of as the mother nation of Suiseki.

How can I make a Bonsai
This is the question that I am most frequently asked "How can I make a Bonsai".
Another question that I am often asked is "Why did my Bonsai tree die".

Dragon Bonsai TreeDragon Bonsai Tree
The foliage on these trees was wired and shaped as you would any normal Bonsai, and the trees had a deadwood shari area up along the trunk. But to the deadwood area a dragon had been carved and moulded onto this deadwood, and then painted. - read more .....

While not strictly Bonsai, these are sometimes grown as Bonsai and as shaped trees resembling animals and people. Whilst in Indonesia I saw a number of these interestingly shaped plants on display in an exhibition in Bali. Some of these shaped trees can be seen here.

Bonsai Palms of IndonesiaBonsai Palms of Indonesia
About using Palms as Bonsai and as seen often in Indonesia

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