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Koreshoff Bonsai Nursery - NOW CLOSED

On 28 January 2008 THE Koreshoff Bonsai nursery closed their doors ending an era in which Vita and Dot Koreshoff were instrumental in making bonsai a meaningful hobby and interest in Australia.

When Vita died in 1985 Dorothy continued to run the nursery with the full support of her daughter Deborah and Deborah’s husband, Kenneth.

At the Koreshoff nursery ‘art’ predominated and well styled trees and a small selection of stock plants were the offerings.

Dorothy and Deborah Koreshoff are internationally renowned for their knowledge of bonsai and dedication to the art and it is a sad day to see the end of this Australian iconic nursery.

The Koreshoff Family has made a huge contribution to Bonsai in Australia. The closing of their nursery is a significant event.

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