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The Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs Ltd - AABC Ltd

The AABC Ltd is one of Australia’s two national Bonsai associations, and accepts as members, individual bonsai clubs from around Australia, provided they have unrestricted membership. Current membership stands at 47 clubs throughout the country. The AABC Ltd is a vehicle for the promotion of Bonsai within the Australian Bonsai community, for the sharing of ideas and techniques, and support its member Clubs. The Association offers:

  • An annual Seminar to disseminate bonsai information and to encourage bonsai enthusiasts around the country to obtain more knowledge and enjoyment of bonsai. The Seminars are usually held in May and are held in a different State each year.
  • A Visiting Tutor Program which allows member Clubs to use the Program once each financial year.
  • An insurance policy that covers all physical loss or damage to all bonsai trees and equipment during travel to and from and whilst at Club exhibitions in Australia.
  • Regular news and information through a newsletter.
  • Support of a general nature for all member Clubs, especially the smaller Clubs, that may lack the resources of larger Clubs.

The Association is generally represented at all Asia-Pacific Conventions and World Bonsai Conventions, and is often represented at other international conventions

The AABC Ltd, Annual National Bonsai Seminar is usually held in April/May in a different city each year. Click on the link below for details about the next Seminar.

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