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About Bonsai in Australia

There are active Bonsai Clubs and enthusiasts in all states throughout Australia, all of which would encourage visitors from overseas and new members. The conditions in most of Australia are ideal for growing Bonsai, (especially Temperate and Tropical species), long hot summers and mild winters, under the right conditions the growth rate that we get is double that of northern hemisphere climates. Because of these conditions indoor Bonsai is almost unheard of in Australia. Watering is critical as hot conditions cause potted plants to dry out quickly and twice daily watering is not uncommon during the summer period.

Australia offers some beautiful species for Bonsai. These can be obtained from local nurseries throughout Australia and twisted, windblown, and lopsided trees can often be found. These contorted specimens can provide a "bonsai" look very quickly. Collecting plants growing naturally is another way of obtaining Australian Native Bonsai. Wind, fire, drought, lightning, and plain hard luck can dwarf and contort trees into amazing shapes. Collecting plants in many parts of Australia is against the law but sometimes potensai, (potential bonsai), can be located on private land. If you wish to collect it, get permission from the landowner.


Below is a list of common Australian Species used for Bonsai, and some reference links. If you need more information about these or other Australian plants used for Bonsai email me direct.

Lilly Pilly or Australian Brush Cherry - Eugenia/Syzygium sp. - Bonsaiweb Species Care

Australian Paperbark - Melaleucas sp.

Australian Bottlebrush - Callistemon sp.

Banksia species

Port Jackson fig - Ficus rubiginosa. - Bonsaiweb Species Care

Moreton Bay fig - Ficus macrophylla. - Bonsaiweb Species Care

Grevillea species

Acacia Species - Bonsaiweb Species Care

Australian tea tree - Leptospermum sp. - Bonsaiweb Species Care

She Oak - Casuarina sp.

About Bonsai in Australia

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