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Pittsburgh Bonsai Society inspiring photo's of Chinese Bonsai - taken in Shanghai and Yangzhou


Information below supplied by Dianne Miller

Wang Zhong Liang - President
Suzhou Agrotechnical Secondary School
11 Xiyuan Road
This is a very interesting place in that they actually teach bonsai/penjing to students and some end up with a Masters in Penjing. It is a three to four year horticultural course.

Pan Zhong Lian - Great Master of Miniature Trees & Rockery of China
Vice President & Secretary General
Miniature Trees & Rockery Art Research Society of Zhejiang
15-204 Room
Fourth Building
Shuguang Xincun
Great Master Pan has some of the most outstanding trees under his guidance. Many of the masterpieces that you see in Chinese Penjing books come from this area. The Society is very friendly and most interested in learning and passing on knowledge to you.

Ceng Ci Ping - East Gate
Dongjiao Park
Zhongshan Avenue
A wonderful collection of bonsai is exhibited. Mr Cheng has published a book with several of the trees on display.

Wang Xiao Ying - President
Yixing Lotus Pottery & Horticulture Co Ltd
Shanghai Office No 4
Lane 2060 Xie Tu Road
Suppliers of some of the best Chinese bonsai pots that I have seen. They also have a factory in Yixing. Ms Wang has travelled to other parts of the world so is very familiar with English and western customs.

Wu Jian Qiang - Deputy Director
Yixing Lotus Pottery & Horticulture Co Ltd
Jiangsu 214221

Luo Guo-Xiong - Director
Shanghai Botanic Gardens
1100 Long Wu Road
Shanghai Botanical Gardens has one of the largest Penjing displays in the country. If you are very keen please contact Mr Luo as most of the Masters trees are in an enclosed area not open to the public.

Jin Wan Li - Director
Nursery of Minhang
No 3045 Hu Min Road
Nursery supply bonsai and have extensive penjing to view.

Zhang Xing Taug - Vice Director
Shanghai Flowers and Plants Co-op
No 1621 North Bridge
Hu Ming Road
Nursery supply bonsai and have extensive penjing to view.

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