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Nanjing Bonsai Information

links and experiences around the Nanjing area

Nanjing Botanical Garden - Memorial to Sun Yat-Sen - Jiangsu Province
It is the first national botanical garden established in China, which was merged by two parts: Botanical Garden Memorial Sun Yat-Sen set up in 1929, and Institute of Zoology, and Botany, Academia Sinica, set up in 1934. Along with the development of the Institute, the Botanical Garden has developed into an attractive scenic spot embodying the beautiful landscape and scientific exhibition, not only offering people great amenity, but also contributing the botanical knowledge and affording place for undertaking experiments. Some special gardens (sections) for exhibition are: Ornamental Plant Section, Plant systematic Garden, Arboretum, Pinetum, Medicinal Plant Garden, Penjing Garden and Display Greenhouses.

Scholar's Gardens - Nanjing area, Jiangsu Province
The Scholar's Gardens are found in the Yangtze river valley area, an area called "Jiangnan" in Chinese - South of the Yangtze River. The most famous garden city is Suzhou. You do not find scholar-type gardens in all Southen Provinces. These are smaller and less ornate than the Imperial gardens of the northern provinces.

Bonsai Collection - Nanjing area
In Nanjing, near the Zhonghua City Gate which really consists of several gates separated by inner-courtyards, In one of these inner-courtyards, there was a sign indicating a "bonsai" collection tended by Mr. Yin is the vice-president of the Jiangsu Provincial Bonsai, Root Art and Aesthetic Research Institute.

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