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Yixing, Jiangsu Bonsai Information

YIXING the Capital of Pottery.
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A brilliant Pearl in the East of the world.It is not only rich in the resources Of mountains and rivers,also famous for the kaleidoscope of ceramic crafts. Early during the Neolithic Period about 5000 years ago,the ancestors in Yixing had already begun crafting Potteries.All that remains generation by generation. With their diligent and creative work, Yixing is becoming More and more famous for its pottery that has drawn the attention of the world. 

Yixing Hongqi Pottery & Horticulture Co., Ltd
Shanqian Road Dingshu Yixing Jiangsu China PC:214221
Phone:0086-510-7417328 or 0086-21-58926207 Fax:0086-510-7417328 or 0086-21-58926207 Mobile:013301708755
President:Wu Zi Cheng Vice President:Dai Zhen Hui

Jiangsu Yixing Ceramic Group Imp.& Exp. Corp. Ltd.
The Jiangsu Yixing Ceramic Group is a large scaled enterprise with subordinate number of 31 factories and mines,about 21,000 workers and staff members as well as the fixed assets of 200 million US dollors.It is now an Important productive base of pottery in China with the development of ceramics of varies.
Located at: No.4 Business Section, Dingshan, Yixing City, Jiangsu.
Contact: Phone:0086+0510+87422891 Fax:0086+0510+87405570

Second Trade Dept. China Import & Export Jiangsu Co. Ltd. - Dingshan, Yixing, Jiangsu.
Frank Xu is one of Chinas largest and most varied Bonsai and Penjing Pot makers to the nursery and wholesale trade. He also sells wonderful inexpensive hardwood Bonsai Display Tables, Scholars stones -Gogshi(to individual collectors), Teapots and many other Chinese its such as Granite Garden Lanterns in Chinese and Japanese Styles.
Franks's e-mail is

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