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Dr Wu's garden

The Penjing of Dr Wu Yee-sun belongs to the Lingnan School established by his grandfather. The cultivation of potted trees through this "Grow and Clip" method requires great patience, dedication, careful attention to detail, and a lighter, more natural approach to the caring of these plants. Dr Wu's garden is a private Bonsai garden in Hong Kong Island, if you would like to visit please contact his secretary, Ms. Chan, tel: 2524-2221

Sadly Dr Yee-sun Wu passed away on Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at the age of 100. He dedicated his life to promoting the art of Penjing to the Western world. In commemorating his passion for Penjing, the website will continue to promote and advance this art around the world.

I dont know if his private Bonsai Garden & Penjing collection are still accessable, if someone finds out please let me know and I will update this information. (Ed)


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