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Bonsai in Hong Kong & Kowloon

Man Lung PenjingMan Lung Penjing
The original Man Lung Garden was founded in 1967 by Mr. Wu Yee Sun, a penjing (bonsai) expert. At that time, the garden was a place where penjing lovers and experts came to talk about and show their unique pot plants. The public had the rare opportunity of seeing beautiful exhibitions priceless miniature trees. Unfortunately, in 1978, the Man Lung Garden was forced to close down due to the expropriation of the land for a railway station by the government of Hong Kong.
Mr. Wu Yee Sun has written 2 books and a website has been created to continue the tradition of discussion and exchange among penjing experts and hobbyists.

The Man Lung Bonsai GardenThe Man Lung Bonsai Garden
In year 2000, the Man Lung Garden was restablished at the Hong Kong Baptist University, it is located in the Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Tel: (852) 2339 7960. To get there take the MTR to Kowloon Tong station, and take a taxi (taxi trip round 10 minutes, HK $30.)

Dr Wu's gardenDr Wu's garden
The Penjing of Dr Wu Yee-sun belongs to the Lingnan School established by his grandfather. The cultivation of potted trees through this "Grow and Clip" method requires great patience, dedication, careful attention to detail, and a lighter, more natural approach to the caring of these plants.

Bonsai Clubs and Associations
Hong Kong Bonsai Association

Hong Kong Bonsai International Society

Kowloon Walled City Park - KowloonKowloon Walled City Park - Kowloon
Laid out like a classic garden of Southern China, this park seeks to preserve the heritage of Kowloon City's fabled Walled City. Among its attractions are a courtyard, the Old South Gate of the Walled City, sculptures, pavilions and flower and tree lined pathways. The garden of the Four Seasons - At the west side of Yamen contains rock features, flowers of the seasons and Bonsai plants. The ground is paved with pebbles, which follows the patterns of the Suzhou School of Gardening. - Open: 6.30am - 11pm daily; free admission

Ching Chung Koon Temple - New TerritoriesChing Chung Koon Temple - New Territories
Ching Chung Koon is a popular Taoist temple complex that includes a home for the aged, Ching Chung Koon was founded in 1950 in what was then a rural retreat. It contains many valuable ancient treasures, lanterns from Beijing's Imperial Palace, and traditional Chinese gardens featuring miniature Bonsai trees and lily ponds. The Bonsai tree collection is large both in number and size of the specimens. It is a very valuable collection brought in from many places in China. Some trees are 8ft tall with the bulk of the collection in the 3ft range. The containers that the trees are planted in makes a fascinating study in itself. The temple complex is adjacent to Ching Chung LRT Station.

Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Teritories Bonsai Information
links and experiences in Hong Kong, Kowloon & the New Teritories

Information about Bonsai in the North China Region
More details information and links

Information about Bonsai in the Central China Region
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Information about Bonsai in the South China Region
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More Information about Bonsai in China
additional information, links and experiences from all over China

Asian Longhorn BeetlesAsian Longhorn Beetles
Warning for tree importers
Asian Longhorn Beetles and Larvae have been found on Bonsai trees that were imported from China and shipped to L.A. The native range of these pests include Japan, Korea and China, anyone with a tree imported from China should check it and all yard trees for big exit holes as the beetles are emerging now (April). Trees favored as food by the Long-horned beetle include - poplar, willow, elm, locust, mulberry, orange, tangerine, pear, apple, ficus, sycamore, lychee, Japanese cedar, beech, maple, crepe myrtle, walnut, oak, catalpa and cherry. For further information click on the link

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