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Bonsai in Southern China

Guangdong Province Bonsai Information
links and experiences around the Guangdong Province area

Liantang Qing Wan Garden - Foshan City, GuangdongLiantang Qing Wan Garden - Foshan City, Guangdong
Qing Wang Garden was build from the end of 1997 to 1998 which founded by the brothers of Chen Zhi Jiu and Chen Zhi Qi. The garden is a collection of more than 200 Bonsai Art and Fantasitc Stone collected by the borthers over 20 years. It shows people what is "makes a moutain became a hill", also it is useful for improve people's culture quality and spirit.

Address: Liantang Qingwan Garden, 11,Lianfen Yi LuDong, Liantang, Zhangcha
Foshan City, Guangdong, P.R.China - Contact: Ms.Wang Jieyi Mob: +86-137 2496 6882

Liu Hau Bonsai Gardens - Canton
The picturesque Liu Hau Bonsai Gardens are situated around a beautiful lake, these Bonsai Gardens contain some excellent examples of Chinese Bonsai. After strolling through the park, you will be treated to a tree-cutting demonstration while enjoying a cup of tea in the teahouse.

Liuzhou & its International Fantastic Stone FestivalLiuzhou & its International Fantastic Stone Festival
- held every 2 years – 2004, 2006, 2008 etc
Liuzhou has always enjoyed the reputation of being "Stone Capital" and recently a stone festival has been held every two years in Liuzhou, at the last exhibition more than one thousand stones were on exhibit. They were selected from about five thousand entries. Prizes were presented to about seven hundred stones. A large number of the stones of the Dongfeng Fengxing Exhibition were displayed at the city exhibition hall at the Peoples Square, and other stones at the Bagui Museum. Each stone was labelled indicating the stone category, place of origin, size, and collector's name.
Mountain Wonder Stones Park - Jianpan Mountain - Liuzhou
Bagui wonder stone shop - Liuzhou
Ma-an mountain wonder stone market – Liuzhou

Guilin Bonsai InformationGuilin Bonsai Information
links and experiences in Gulin
and around the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Natural Fantastic Stone Gallery - Guilin

Bonsai Inspirations from ChinaBonsai Inspirations from China
Dianne Miller from New Zealand has visited China several times, here are her recollections and photo's from some of the most inspirational places she has been, also some details about Bonsai Displays and Bonsai contacts in China. This is very informative and reading is a must if you are planning to visit China with lots of information about Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Yixing, Wuzhou, Yangshuo, Guilin, Huangshan, Shilin, Emeishan.

Information about Bonsai in the North China Region
More details information and links

Information about Bonsai in the Central China Region
More details information and links

Information about Bonsai in the Hong Kong & Kowloon
More details information and links

More Information about Bonsai in China
additional information, links and experiences from all over China

Asian Longhorn BeetlesAsian Longhorn Beetles
Warning for tree importers
Asian Longhorn Beetles and Larvae have been found on Bonsai trees that were imported from China and shipped to L.A. The native range of these pests include Japan, Korea and China, anyone with a tree imported from China should check it and all yard trees for big exit holes as the beetles are emerging now (April). Trees favored as food by the Long-horned beetle include - poplar, willow, elm, locust, mulberry, orange, tangerine, pear, apple, ficus, sycamore, lychee, Japanese cedar, beech, maple, crepe myrtle, walnut, oak, catalpa and cherry. For further information click on the link

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