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Liuzhou & its International Fantastic Stone Festival

- held every 2 years – 2004, 2006, 2008 etc
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Liuzhou has always enjoyed the reputation of being "Stone Capital" and recently a stone festival has been held every two years in Liuzhou, which is located in the middle of the Liu River drainage area with the Liujiang River winding around the downtown area. It is not only the most important and fast crowing industrial city in Guangxi province of South China, but also a famous tourist city with marvelous scenic spots. The typical karst landscape of Liuzhou forms attractive mountains similar to those of the world famous city of Guilin which is only 120 km far away.

At the last exhibition more than one thousand stones were on exhibit. They were selected from about five thousand entries. Prizes were presented to about seven hundred stones. A large number of the stones of the Dongfeng Fengxing Exhibition were displayed at the city exhibition hall at the Peoples Square, and other stones at the Bagui Museum. Each stone was labelled indicating the stone category, place of origin, size, and collector's name. The Bagui Museum includes two buildings. In the entrance building stones were displayed on stands of different heights, In the second three-storied building stones were placed on traditional Chinese furniture.

Guangxi province, famous for its richness in stone resources, is a paradise for stone fans. Over 50 different kinds of stones are found in the area. Most appreciated by Chinese stone lovers are the so-called Laibin Lines stones, Laibin Water, scoured stones, Dahua Colored (Jade) stones, Sanjiang Red jade stones (or Chicken Blood stones), Painted Pottery stones (colored stones), Moore stones (resembling the sculptures of artist Henry Moore), also called Zhengzhumo stone, green stones from Changjiang River etc. There are several stone markets in different parts of Liuzhou city. About eight thousand people in Liuzhou are engaged in searching, appreciating, collecting and selling marvellous stones. About six million people are involved in stone appreciation in the whole country.

The large stone museum, the Bagui Marvellous Stone Gallery, has been built in Liuzhou's Jianpan Hill Marvellous Stone Garden where more than 3000 high quality stones are shown throughout the year. In addition, other stone galleries, state-owned or privately-owned, have sprung up in the last decade.

Mountain Wonder Stones Park - Jianpan Mountain - Liuzhou

Bagui wonder stone shop - Liuzhou

Ma-an mountain wonder stone market – Liuzhou

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