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Bonsai Centres in Indonesia

Pluit Bonsai Center - Jakarta
Considered as the largest Bonsai centre Pluit is a collective of 47 Bonsai artists who display and offer local species for sale. If you visit Jakarta this is a must visit area for anyone interested in Bonsai, you will be astonished by the variety and quality of material on offer, available are mame, shohin and larger trees, with both potential and completed Bonsai on offer. It is the gathering place for many collectors and Bonsai artists to exchange knowledge and ideas as well as to discuss the organization activities.

Located at Jl. Taman Pluit Putra Putri, Jakarta Utara, near Jakarta bay close to the old harbour of Batavia. Google Map Link - click here

Batu, Malang - East Java
Known as the city of the apple, Batu has become one of the important supply sources for Bonsai in Indonesia. In about 10 ha there are more that 25 Bonsai nurseries and farms with some nurseries exporting products overseas.
Located in East Java about 19 km west of Malang (about 2 hrs drive from Surabaya)

Puncak - West Java
The Bonsai in Puncak has its own specific style, normally very simple and sold at a reasonable price. Along the curving roadside there are many Bonsai nurseries that have collected and cultivated material, and pieces with good future potential can often be found.
Papandayan Volcano - On the lower slopes the road which climbs high up the volcano is lined with Bonsai and other colourful plant stalls.
Located about 80 km south of Jakarta after passing through Bogor city.

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