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Bonsai Palms of Indonesia

Dr. Dransfield told me that there is a tradition in Indonesia of pot-growing clustering palms. Apparently, Calamus ciliaris can look very pretty when its aerial stems are pruned back. His favorite bonsai palm, however, is Dypsis lutescens. When grown well, it produces dwarfed fronds, slender short stems and very dense clustering.
He also informed me that Dick Douglas, ex president of IPS, used to have some handsome dwarfed Trachycarpus fortunei (the form normally called T. wagnerianus) growing in bonsai pots, with very tiny leaves. This was part of an article by David F. Schwartz, you can read the whole article by clicking the below link. Editors note: I am told that these palms are not considered as Bonsai in Indonesia, just a decorative potted plant, when I was in Bali I did see what looked like Golden Cane Palms (photo on right) in small pots.

original article by David F. Schwartz

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