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Bonsai in Indonesia

at Jakarta City Center (JaCC), Jl. Kebon Kacang Raya (Waduk Melati) Belakang Grand Indonesia, Jakarta Pusat - 3-11 Mei 2008

The Indonesian Bonsai Association (PPBI)The Indonesian Bonsai Association (PPBI)
The PPBI was established in Jakarta in 1979 and since then has been growing steadily. It now has over 42 chapters spread throughout the country with more that 2500 members and holds regular member and chapter meetings as well as local and national exhibitions. There are quite a number of plant species that are used for Bonsai in Indonesia. The PPBI also has a Suiseki Division which actively collects and displays local Suiseki.

Perkumpulan Penggemar Bonsai Indonesia (PPBI) Cabang Yogyakarta

Bonsai Centres in Indonesia
Details and information about the main Bonsai growing and selling areas in Indonesia, these include:
Pluit Bonsai Center - Jakarta
Batu, Malang - East Java
Puncak - West Java

Bonsai in BaliBonsai in Bali
You may be surprised to find out that there are Bonsai in Bali and although they may be difficult to find they are well worth the visit. The first step is to find a "bemo" driver who understands exactly what you are looking for. Then trying to locate them is another problem as the streets are seldom named and I don't think they have heard of numbers, but this is part of the fun of it. Most of the nurseries are located in Sanur close to one of the main tourist areas.

Indonesian Bonsai Expo
Promote bonsai as an art form and to help artists and small nurseries to market their bonsai mainly for export orientation. Other objective is to educate bonsai farmers to cultivate bonsai by intensive and productive method. The IBE will be a marketing mediator providing all neccessary facilities including export documentation, quarantine and shipment.

Bonsai Nurseries in Indonesia
List of various bonsai nurseries in the following locations: JAKARTA, TANGERANG - West Java, PUNCAK - West Java, BANDUNG, Central Java, JAMBI - Sumatra

Plant Species used for Bonsai in Indonesia

Suiseki in Indonesia - Indonesian Suiseki AssociationSuiseki in Indonesia - Indonesian Suiseki Association
The Indonesian Suiseki Association or called PPSI was founded in 1992 and besides Jakarta it has several chapters in Indonesia

Indonesian Bonsai Gallery
These Bonsai and Photo's were created by Mr Udaya NH/unh

Soemarko - AkokSoemarko - Akok
Retailer of Suiseki, stones, fossils, gems & handicrafts and is a member of the Retailer of Suiseki, stones, fossils, gems & handicrafts and is a member of the Indonesian Suiseki Association. Office and Show Room: Desa Bojong Nangka, Kecamatan Legok, Kabupaten Tangerang, Propinsi Jawa Barat , Indonesia. Ph: (62-21) 5469275, 54200259, 54200260 Fax: (62-21) 5469276 email:

Other Indonesian Web Links

Perkumpulan Penggemar Bonsai Indonesia Cabang
Bonsai Club - Manado - North Sulawesi

Bonsai-Kamang - Manado - North SulawesiBonsai-Kamang - Manado - North Sulawesi
Bonsai-Kamang, utilizes plants which are often overlooked by people but which are, in fact, quite common in our area. After we have shaped and trained plants to resemble interesting looking miniature trees, it is a beautiful thing which emerges as a result of our work on these decorative plants. Bonsai-kamang means "A Decorative Plant As A Beautiful Blessing".

Bonsai - Sagu (Sago Palm Bonsai) - Manado North SulawesiBonsai - Sagu (Sago Palm Bonsai) - Manado North Sulawesi
Sago Palm Pohon Sagu (Metroxylon sago Rottb.) adalah salah satu jenis tanaman dari famili Palmae. Masyarakat di Sulawesi Utara sejak dahulu mengenal pohon Sagu dengan sebutan pohon Rumbia. Daun pohon Sagu sering dibentuk dan dimanfaatkan menjadi atap Rumah dan berbagai keperluan lainnya. Tampilan batang pohon Sagu kelihatan unik, besar, tegap dan tingginya bisa mencapai 10 – 20 meter, bahkan lebih.

BONSAI - KLAPA - Manado - North SulawesiBONSAI - KLAPA - Manado - North Sulawesi
Sulawesi utara sejak dulu dikenal dan dijuluki sebagai daerah nyiur melambai. Julukan tersebut tidaklah berlebihan. Jika anda mengunjungi daerah ini, maka kemanapun anda menuju akan menjumpai hamparan pohon kelapa baik yang dikelolah petani, perusahan swasta maupun pemerintah.
Untuk mengenang Sulawesi utara sebagai daerah nyiur melambai maka melalui web ini PPBI Manado menampilkan pohon kelapa yang merupakan salah satu produk andalan pertanian di Sulawesi Utara dalam bentuk mini yang dinamakan Bonsai Kelapa (cocos sp).

Dragon Bonsai TreeDragon Bonsai Tree
The foliage on these trees was wired and shaped as you would any normal Bonsai, and the trees had a deadwood shari area up along the trunk. But to the deadwood area a dragon had been carved and moulded onto this deadwood, and then painted. - read more .....

While not strictly Bonsai, these are sometimes grown as Bonsai and as shaped trees resembling animals and people. Whilst in Indonesia I saw a number of these interestingly shaped plants on display in an exhibition in Bali. Some of these shaped trees can be seen here.

Bonsai Palms of IndonesiaBonsai Palms of Indonesia
About using Palms as Bonsai and as seen often in Indonesia

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