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A photographic tour of Bonsai in JapanA photographic tour of Bonsai in Japan
A photographic nursery tour of various nurseries in japan, by Joe Morgan-Payler, including:
Kimura’s Garden.
Shunkaen Museum, Tokyo.
Omiya Bonsai Villiage, Omiya.
Taisho-en, Shizuoka.

Bonsai Beside Your Desktop in Japanese

The Satsuki Bonsai Homepage

Fumio Nakahara's Mame Mini-Bonsai World

Bonsai Art

Kinashi Bonsai MapKinashi Bonsai Map
Pictorial essay of Stuart's Bonsai trip to Takamatsu, Kinashi & Kyoto in June 2005, fantastic pictures and a very usefull map of the Kinashi Bonsai Nurseries, Especially reccomended is a visit to nursery #2 where the owners wife spoke fluent english.

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